I was talking
to this Polish-American

says she’s going
back to school
I’m tired of
the struggle, she tells me.

oh but I love it,
I tell her, I love
the struggle
it makes me feel alive.

I hope I never
become so stupid
that I have to go back
to school
to learn how to live.

my boss’s daughter
came into town today.

she’s hot shit now
Cornell University grad

she still wears the
same shit plastic
piercings in her ear
still dresses like
a fool

and still dates men
who have no testicles
so she
can treat them
like dogs and they
won't bark back.

she really hasn't
changed at all in the
8 years that
I've known her.

she used to ask me
for sex advice
I'm the wrong man to

I didn't have my first
lay until I was in
my early 20s
I have no advice to give.

I only know that
people like to fuck
I know
that I like eating-out
a girl’s ass
every now and then.

it’s the best, really.

everything else
seems like useless

and maybe that’s why
these girls don’t
like the struggle.

when you  attach too
many unnecessary things
to working
to fucking
to paying rent
or whatever

you just can’t enjoy life anymore.

so life
is a lot like eating an ass
come to think of it.

you can’t be afraid
of the shit
you can’t be afraid
of the possible
outcomes or unhappy accidents
you can’t be afraid
of getting a little dirty
getting dirty is
the whole point.

I will always struggle
to live.

and I will always be glad
to eat an ass
so what?