One time long ago
when I first moved here to Tucson
and things were good
I drove around the city
and discovered a little barrio
with some artist shops and a café and
a slow quiet bar.
I spent the afternoon there
and for years I never went back.
I guess I didn’t need to.
Then I got this job
driving cab
and my nerves are now raw from the 13 hour
the coffee and cigarettes
and no exercise, the people coming at me
and any one of them could have
a gun or a knife,
and the intersections full of
suicides, and the lights blending
like supernovas...
While I was driving I figured I’d stumble upon that barrio
and when that didn’t happen I began
For months now I’ve been looking
and every day I put two hundred miles
on the gauge and find nothing.
I’ve asked around.
Even the veteran taxi drivers shake
their heads no
and seem to be a bit sad and sorry
they can’t help me
and it is the strangest
no one has any idea
what has happened.