For three days after drinking Bacanora
on Thanksgiving day
my Mexican girlfriend had nightmares
about her dead aunt coming back
to talk to her.
She doesn’t know what the aunt is trying to say
but she’s afraid
and in the dream she tries to wake up
but she can’t,
and she can’t breathe
and her aunt won’t go away.
Apparently she loved her aunt and they had
a good relationship,
so who the hell knows what kind of subconscious
crap that Bacanora dug up.
The damn stuff gave me the runs for a couple
of days.  After we drank it
we both passed out and woke up still drunk
and then had sex,
while the turkey got dry
even though she smeared peanut butter all over it.
I never threw up or had a real hangover
but something in that liquid fire
changed us.
That bottle’s gonna sit there on the counter
untouched from now on
like an idol to remind us
that there is no god.