unwanted thunder and rain not light enough
so late into autumn
                                 green weed in yellow
bloom and river with a dead-leaf tint to it

a threat in the warm arriving of my time
so up high on the chart
                                 an interruption
of the leaving and my any walk in it

what whooping crane or other would try to weigh
into this south wind
                                 ever be returning
to this weather and the whooping men of it


tea breath of dank warm fall went to clabber
which I met in an avenue that whole downed
leaves had coated with weary orange and green

I needed to find a chair I could sweat on
and think of Bonnie or who it had been that
came drifting up to me now on a scent cue

light would remain too weak to hold a follow
of rain so clabber did not and my mind saw
her body and a wrapping of wet cheesecloth