copperheads and rattlesnakes

sitting on the couch wearing only his socks,
the sexy big-dicked teenage boy
sprouted a hardon and sat there
watching a sexy show on tv.
very soon,
the sexy big-dicked teenage boy
took off one sock and
put it on his dick, instead
of on his foot.
then, the sexy big-dicked teenage boy
sat there on the couch wearing only
a sock on his left foot,
and a sock on his big hard dick.
the tv show got a little bit sexier
the sexy big-dicked teenage boy
felt a little bit hornier
he was soon playing with his
dick through the sock that covered it.
he was patting his dick and caressing it
and wrapping his fingers around it
and tugging on it quite gently
while he watched the sexy tv
show while wearing only one sock
on his left foot
and the other sock on his dick.
he spurted a big sloppy wad of hot
gooey cum into the toe of
the sock that was covering his dick.
he smiled with pleasure
and spread his butt cheeks and kind
of rubbed his tight pink asshole against the
cushion of the couch.
the sexy big-dicked teenage boy
took the sock off his dick
and the other sock off his left
and he walked into
the bathroom and tossed
the two socks into the
laundry hamper.
then he stood there naked
staring at himself in the mirror.
he really was good-looking,
and it was nice to be aware of himself
good-looking and big-dicked
and just a general appealing
presence in the sexual nature
of the universe. "i'm a good
addition to all
of it, everything," he assured himself.
still naked,
the sexy big-dicked teenage boy
went back to the couch and
sat down and watched some
more of the sexy tv show.
he was feeling kind of hungry,
but when the nicest-looking girl on the show
took off her bra,
he delayed his trip
to the kitchen for a few moments
the taste of the ham
he hoped to soon have in his mouth
quickly became
he could practically hear the
pig screaming as it
died so inelegantly,
the slaughterhouse floor
a goddamn bloody mess.