Modernist Cannibals

sexy nurse (nun?) cut out
my stomach filled with
cell phones and radiation
and rollerblades
I ate a girl before
she was ready

chopped up Aztecs on
destroyed ruins feasted
on by aliens that shout
out brand names

a young girl blows
kisses at them as they
carry her fruit away

another Mexican is holding
a gun to Superman’s
head saying he wants
to go up into space

and now the indigenous                                         
are scared Captain
America might topple
the tower as he tries
to save a lady in distress

it’s black and white
let me paint it out for
you I’m already knee
deep in this water with
the boats of Venice
passing me by and I
sing Amor Amore

wiggling my toes in the
dead body hidden under-
neath the water lacing
his fingers with my toes

there’s a painting of him
in a frame that’s older than
he is next to another of
Bat Boy and an old woman
with an alligator nose

my head is in a pot and my
hand is in a pan I’m not sure
how to cook for you but a
mother showed me how to
spread legs and I plan on
putting dinner on the table