Moo Moo

There is a man
straggling, somewhere right now
the streets of Milwaukee
wearing a fluorescent orange jacket
and baseball cap.

He walks around the city
making wailing sounds
that sound like “Moo”
loosely strung together.

Moo Moo walks into the bars
some of the bartenders say
“Hey Moo Moo.” quietly serve him
a glass of yellow beer,
then continue about their business.

others try to understand him
then give up
and throw him out.

He mumbles Mooing without end
his wild open eyes
staring right into yours,
telling you.

He seems like any other.

What you wouldn't know, is
“Moo Moo” was a traffic cop.

While directing traffic
struck by a drunk driver
and suffered brain damage,
rendering him deaf and creating his
Moo-Moo speech pattern

If you'd like to see proof,
there's a photograph
of him in the early 80's
with a big smile
wearing a pale blue uniform.

it's behind the bar at the Uptowner
he's always allowed there