up by the big barn

there are a couple of guys
(think deliverance and a banjo)
that like to come out here
and hunt coyotes

just for fun as one guy put it

so no later than three minutes
of them coming up the lane
and parking their truck
three shots were fired and there
was a knock at the door

do you wanna see it?

the yankees just got swept
i've got a stack of rejection
letters and my fantasy baseball
teams have gone to shit

of course i want to see it

it was of medium size
bright red blood still flowing

they shot it up by the big barn
the one my cat has taken a
liking to visit each day

some people find a certain
beauty in dead animals
either in deep reflection
or in venomous anger

i'm not one of those

this was a nuisance snuffed
good riddance

the guys left with the dead
coyote in the back of the truck
off to do with it what they wish


they look like the useful kind