Burger Shack, Almost Midnight

I’m sitting alone at the table
back in the far corner waiting
for my chicken fingers and fries to arrive
sipping slowly on my Diet Coke
while watching a couple of the waiters
arguing with each other over something and
the one with the spiky hair
and bad skin keeps gesturing
at the other one
with the shaved head and ear ring
and Mr. Shaved Head gives it right back
to Mr. Spiky Hair
before old Shaved Head shoves his finger
into Spiky’s chest and
I watch Spike push Shaved Head and
he stumbles backwards a couple of steps
and then they’re wrestling with each other
swearing at the tops of their lungs
falling to the floor
before crashing into the soda fountain
making the people
sitting at the tables close to them
jump from their seats and
scramble out of the way
and then I see four guys come running
from out of the kitchen screaming
struggling to pull Spiky Hair and
Shaved Head off of each other
and when they finally do
two of them drag Spiky to the back
and the other two take Shaved Head
and a couple of customers
just get up and leave
before this guy in a shirt and tie
comes out and announces
he’s really sorry for what’s happened
and he hopes we’ll all come back
and just to show us
his appreciation
he says
everybody’s meals are free
but it didn’t matter to me
the food was always good here
and whenever I came here
I never  knew
what was going to happen next