Glass Jaw

Scotty was a top bloke but
a wild mother when tanked

broke his jaw in 3 places spilling
into the boards for the Hawks

wired shut he sips thru a straw
at the Glasshouse Tavern. Near

the toilet his wire cage is jarred &
fuming he snarls out thru his teeth:

Later in the night he emerges from the can

& is king hit & is taken to the hospital.
Scotty is spewing, wants to kill the cunt.

The next day when the swelling subsides
Somewhat, his jaw is repined, rewired.

I see him later at the Alsaciene Brassiere
drinking Tequila thru a plastic straw.

I can't really decipher what he is saying,
each word a stab of pain, something

about how he's gonna kill the fuckwit who
smashed him once he finds out who done it.