The Chaos Pit

We break things here.
Electronics, furniture, all
vomit crashing on wood floor.
Actions louder than words dancing
for the streets tonight.
Where are the riot cops when you need them,
someone broke a tooth on a metal pole, shivering,
looking for a fight, I heard the cops fight well.
Turn up the music, the last band blew my ears out.
Let this song soak through your body,
Let the rage trickle down your spine.
No more room on the couch,
that’s where the neighbor landed
and he’s done for the night.
Sleep where you fall,
there’s no more room here.
At the end of it all I still ache from
passionate friendships and
morning-after nightmares.
All I wanted was to be part of something beautiful,
bodies clutching bodies
and a reassuring glance.