dragon's tooth

when watering the biggest flowers in the flower bed,
he tried not to show favoritism,
but he was a sexy big-dicked young man, and
found himself naturally gravitating toward bigger
things. still, though, the sexy big-dicked young man
cherished the small, weak, and frail, and
never gave the littlest flowers sub-standard rations.
it was just that the biggest flowers needed, well,
they needed more.
more water. more fertilizer. it was just the
way the world worked.
the sexy big-dicked young man understood that,
and tried not to question.
so, he went about his chores being kind
and gentle, but, not unrealistic about
the ways of the world. the biggest flowers
got the most water, because they really needed it.
the petite flowers got less water, because, well,
they didn't need as much water, and, in fact,
would suffer from ill effects if too much
water were given to them.
the sexy big-dicked young man really
did have what an average person would
call a tremendous dick. huge.
length, thickness, big-thick purple head, too.
to use an old-fashioned phrase,
the sexy big-dicked young man was just     
"hung like a goddamn fucking horse."
and he was so good-natured, too.
warm, and gentle, and friendly.
one day while watering the flowers,
the sexy big-dicked young man was
feeling especially sexual and so he took
off all clothes and watered
the flowers in the nude.
his dick was hard and throbbing,
and, as he wrapped the fingers of
one hand around the nozzle, he
wrapped the fingers of his
other hand around the shaft
of his big thick throbbing dick.
mostly all the way around the
shaft, that is, not that
they would reach all the
way around. anyhow, he
watered the flowers and
jerked on his dick,
and watered some more
flowers, and jerked on
his dick some more,
and, when the moment
of orgasm occurred, as
it always did in such
circumstances, he
spurted all his cum
onto the littlest flowers.
drenched them. smeared
them in slime. then, he
waited, his dick still
hard and dripping cum,
the nozzle directed
at all the flowers
except for the ones so recently
drench-smeared in his cum.
he began to hear sucking
sounds. the littlest flowers
were twitching and writhing
and making little sounds, little
sucking sounds. soon,
in a matter of moments, actually,
they were just as big as
the biggest flowers in
the garden.
the sexy big-dicked young man
was astonished, happy,
and went quite wild.
still naked, he danced around
like a savage, yelping and
praying to pagan gods
and goddesses whose
names he suddenly found
that he knew.
the littlest flowers were
now gigantic, big as
the sexy naked big-dicked young man
bent down and knealt before
them, as if in worship,
as if in the purest throes
of the purest religio-sacrosanct
he sighed deep, breathed
in the mucosal scent of
the whole entire world, which had suddenly
become this one great big under-glass
hot-house bridal bouquet jolly green
giant of a room --
when last seen,
the sexy big-dicked young man
was still naked, running through
the greenhouse, until
he seeped through the glass,
evaporated into
plumes of the
purest whitest silk.
radar detected
unusual wave patterns
in the fibre of
milwaukee, and
palm trees in florida
grew coconuts the
size of
volkswagens -- not
their cute little bugs, but
those great big
gawdy sex-flavor-tone