Youth in Spending

Two sheets to the wind that is always blowing
I lean hard into Nicki as he crushes me against him
One long pale arm curled around my chest
My throat in the crook of his elbow
His sharp hipbones make tiny bruises
In the small of my back

The show is starting and this is another night highlighted
By the thrum of guitars and the pounding of drums
Another night to barely remember
Just a copy of another copy
In another hole in the wall club
Filled with the sweet candies of this generation
Beautiful boys and girls dressed in black and ripped denim

The crowd before us starts up like wind up toys
Thrash, jump, writhe to the beat of the music
I follow suit, try to revolt with the rhythm
Nicki holds me even tighter muffling my movement
So only he can feel the impact of me in motion

We are making the worst of a bad time
Injecting our other wise empty lives
With every meaningless endeavor
We can plunder or swallow
My partner in crime refuses to hide
In his dark eyes and hollow smile
This exercise in pointlessness,
That this is and never will be love
Because we can inflict other four letters words
So much better on each other

The band winds down and we check out
Refusing to pay eight dollars for crown and cola
Instead we take shots from the bottle stashed
In his back seat
I trace lines along the worn and cracked leather
And make shadow puppets by the glowing dome light

All this leather and lace, lipstick and eyeliner
Can only make my soft form and baby face look hard
Living like this from day to day, mattress to back seat
Club to club, cocktail to chemical cocktail
Will be what turns me from malleable clay
To unmovable stone

We drive down I-90 music blaring windows down
We sing at the top of our lungs
Never worrying about tomorrow
Just another today we will waste
We will drink down, use up, we will pilfer
Our futures like deviant raiders
Cracking open life to ingest the caustic liquids inside
So we can spit them out on a street
We have driven down a thousand times before